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Buy Fentanyl Citrate Injection online cheap from our store for the gaining full control over the recurring episodes of pain. Fentanyl Citrate which belongs to the class of opioid drugs which are prepared from the alkaloids present in the poppy plant is considered to be an effective medication against pain-related conditions when administered in the form of injection. We have Fentanyl Citrate in the following forms:

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What is the Fentanyl Citrate drug?

Fentanyl citrate is the citrate analog of Fentanyl drug which can be administered through the means of injection in order to achieve the highest bioavailability of the medication. In the case of injection, the drug is directly entered into the bloodstream which provides the maximum use of the drug. Fentanyl citrate belongs to the class of opioid drugs which are considered to be highly significant pain mitigation drugs in our healthcare system. Opioid drugs are usually prepared from the alkaloids found in the poppy plants. The drugs act on the opioid receptors in the central nervous system of the body and activate their response to produce analgesic feelings. Sympathetic and empathetic feelings are also experienced by the users.

Fentanyl Citrate is a prescribed medication and the unauthorized use of the drug is prohibited by the law owing to its habit-forming effects. The drug is available in the market under various trade names while the scientific name used for Actiq is “2-hydroxypropane-1, 2, 3-tricarboxylic acid; N-phenyl-N-[1-(2-phenylethyl) piperidin-4-yl]propanamide” while the molecular formula of the drug is C28H36N2O8. The molar mass of the molecule of the 528.208 g/mol.

The injection of the drug should be kept in a safe environment out of the reach of the children. All precautions should be taken in order to ensure the quality and the purity of the injections. All precautions as recommended should be followed while taking an injection of the drug.

Where can you buy Fentanyl Citrate?

The drug can be purchased from our online store. We provide high-quality products at cheap rates to our customers all over the world.

Uses of Fentanyl Citrate

Fentanyl citrate is a popular drug in our health care system as the patients who have to deal with unsettling pain owing to various medical complications need some sort of medication to cope with pain. The drug helps the patients in effectively managing the pain and go about the routine of life in a smooth manner. It may also be used along with other medications for inducing anesthesia in the patients.

How does the drug work?

The drug works by acting on the central nervous system of the body where it binds with the opioid receptors to produce their action. The action of the opioid receptors causes analgesic and emphatic feelings in the body.

Short and long-term effects of Fentanyl Citrate

The effects of Fentanyl Citrate comprise both short and long-term which may be physical or cognitive in nature. The cognitive effects of the drug include hallucinations which are experienced shortly after the effects of the drug wear off while the physical effects include itchiness and loss of coordination among body parts. Other medicals complications include vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.

Dosage of Fentanyl Citrate

The dosage of the drug should be taken following the prescription of the medical practitioner. The drug is available in the market under various dosage strengths as mentioned above. A dose of the injection according to the age group and the medical condition of the users should be taken.

Overdose of Fentanyl Citrate

An overdose of the drug can lead to severe consequences for the patients. It is advised to always adhere to the prescription of the drug.

Different brand names of Fentanyl

The drug is available in the market under a number of band names while the most popular of them all is Actiq. It may also be found in the market under different street names as it is a commonly used drug.

Legal status of Fentanyl Citrate

Fentanyl citrate is an important drug in our healthcare system but since the use of the drug also involves the risk of some serious side effects, it has been listed as a Schedule II drug in most jurisdictions of the drug. The authorities have regulated the production, distribution and the consumption of the drug.

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Fentanyl Citrate 100mcg/2ml (10 Ampules/Pack), Fentanyl Citrate 250mcg/5ml (10 Ampules/Pack), Fentanyl Citrate 1000mcg/20ml (5 Ampules/Pack), Fentanyl Citrate 100mcg/2ml (25 Vials/Pack), Fentanyl Citrate 250mcg/5ml (25 Vials/Pack), Fentanyl Citrate 1000mcg/20ml (25 Vials/Pack), Fentanyl Citrate 2500mcg/50ml (5 Vial/Pack)

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